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We track attendance data for each student. This feature will let the parents get regularly updated about the attendance of their wards.


Homework has been designed to reinforce what students have to learn or read today in accordance to each subject. The homework is shared with each stakeholder with a view to keep him/her regularly abreast with the day to day performance of their ward.

Progress Report

When Parents/Guardians require knowing about the academic progress of their ward/s in each test, examination or otherwise, they are instantly updated about the latest status according to their wards? performance.
The Progress Report has been designed to reinforce the academic performance of children in accordance to each subject and curriculum. The Progress Report is shared with each stakeholder with a view to keep him/her regularly abreast with the day to day performance of their ward.

Teacher's Feedback

This feature is designed to share the real time constructive feedback from the teacher not only about the students? academic performance but also the overall conduct during school hours.

Event Notification

This feature enables the user to be regularly updated with all the events, programs, schemes, government policies etc, notifying event name, place, start date, end date, day and time.


This feature provides a platform to the user enabling him/her to record grievances (if any) or feedback about all the related functions of the school and also their views or suggestions.

Bus Tracking

Safety of the ward while in school or in transit to and fro school is the top most concern of all the parents/guardians, this feature enables them to be updated on this very important aspect of their ward?s safety, on a regular basis through a ?unique visual updating system? installed in all the buses/vans/vehicles carrying the students to and fro school.

Academic Syllabus

This feature enables the user to have all the related information about the syllabus for the concerned class for all the subjects.

5 Class Toppers

This feature enables the user to be updated about the toppers each individual class by showing actual rankings like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, & last one.

Goverment Policy

This feature keeps the user updated about all the government policy statements, declaration by ministry of education, CBSE or state government in case of state level of schools.

News & Updates

This feature provides regular updates about various activities and programs being conducted by the school, board or any other organization/s with precise information like date, time and venue etc.

Mid-day Meal

This feature is designed to provide complete information about "Mid-day Meal".

Exam Timetable

This feature shares comprehensive and detailed information about all the examinations scheduled for a particular period along with the exact time table.

Shool Staff

This feature allows the user to have access to required information about the school staff including their contact numbers/email id etc.

Awards Scheme

This feature provides the users with an opportunity to learn about all the awards and other felicitations on offer by the school for academic, sports and other achievements of the students.


This feature allows the user/s to have an environment suitable to them to have an access to scientific counseling through an expert for their ward on various academic or other issues affecting them.

My School

This feature provides all the required information about the school, like the address, contact details of different departments, courses and facilities on offer etc.

Session Plan

This feature provides the user with an opportunity to be well versed with the session plan and also to be in a position to add value to it.


My Eklavya Application is provides an opportunity for Parents/Guardians to participate in their children's education.To aware about their childeren's daily activity of school. There are 18 main features to executing this app successfully like we shows all features above this section.Shreesevadeep foundation publishing this application on state level with all rights by Education Minister.

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